OTTMAR VIDEOCONFERENCING offers state-of-the-art Polycom HD video conferencing, which allows you to communicate with clients anywhere in the world, eliminating the unpredictability and expence of traveling. You can also
display documents directly from your personal computer.

OTTMAR VIDEOCONFERENCING is a cost-effective solution for:

• Board Meetings
• Employment Interviews
• Press Conferences
• Sales Meetings
• Classes and Lectures

• Depositions/Videotaped depositions
• Witness / Trial Preparation
• Settlement Conferences
• Judicial Video Conferences
• Co-Counsel / Partner / Client meetings


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Regular business hours - (8:00a.m.–5:00p.m.MST) $180.00 per hour.
Contact us for after-hour rates. (Twenty-four hour availability)
For more information, e-mail us at
or fill out our request information or you can reach us by phone during business hours at 602.485.1488 or 1.866.485.1444.

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